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adventures await.

Auntie Rosita
Her coffee stood out in our first cupping. Bright notes of grapefruit, macadamia nuts, followed by a spicy gingerbread finish.
Domisa Family
White blossom aromas intensify into a rich honey mouthfeel, followed by a soft pear acidity that finishes with a sticky sweet tamarind finish.
Auntie Asthrine
With notes of black tea, ripe grape, and buttered toast, this coffee is perfect as a summer drink. Try it as cold brew or hand brew it over ice.

Kalsada offers a new specialty coffee origin with a social mission to bring Philippine coffee to the international stage.

Our standards

We are passionate about developing healthy communities that will produce delicious coffees for generations to come. This means setting standards beyond what organic and fair trade labels require.


Every person encountered and partnership forged, all the producers we value and the tastemakers we love – they each have stories to tell, and we like listening.

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